Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wildpark Grafenberg

Sunshine again, so we packed a picnic and headed to a nearby park with wild animals local to the area. As I took us down the wrong track initially (thus not helping Elly's bad back - sorry), we decided to stop for a snack halfway up the hill (yes, there are indeed hills here) by a very well designed playground.
 Sophie and Ciaran let their imaginations go wild, sailing on pirate ships and sitting in a bird house, while Elly and I soaked up the sun.
 I was waiting for them to discover this reindeer in the woods bordering the playground for some good pictures.
 Is it any surprise she is looking so battered?
 Moving on to the animal park. The kids collected their own walking sticks, copying the numerous Nordic walkers, such as the one ahead of them on the picture.
There were little mice all along the sides of the trail much to our entertainment.
 The long march was well worth it: the young boar were so cute. Munching away on our apples we brought. (You were allowed to feed them with certain foods.)
 There was a steep downhill trail past the boar enclosure, where Sophie's knees kissed the asphalt. She is on the best way to have her knees look like her mother's. Fortunately, a very nice elderly lady had some bandaids for us. By the time we reached the deer enclosure, she was much better.
 The deer walked right up to us.
 Especially if we offered them food (again only certain foods which they normally eat).
After a long walk back to the bus and fueling up on a scoop of ice cream, it was time for a bath!

Sophie has been through the wars. That little bruise under her eye also happened on the playground yesterday. Mummy needs to keep her skills up after all. ;-) 

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