Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunshine - Why Not Go to the Beach?

Loving our little vacation and this weather. After a swim under the blue California sky at the pool (Sophie enjoyed the child watch), we headed back to the beach once more. This time we met Andrew's sister Megan, Adam, and cousin Thomas at Capitola beach.
 Looking for mermaids.
 Mama, can I take my jeans off?
 Thomas, Sophie, and Adam exploring.

 Nanny joined us for lunch at the Britannia Arms.
 Hey, where's my Guinness?
In the afternoon, we headed up to Mountain View to spend a few days at Elly, Jules, and Ciaran's house. Sophie and Ciaran were very happy to see each other again and continued right where they had left off in September. 
Elly is still the best story reader around. 

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