Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last Day in California ☹

It is our last full day in California, so we made the most of it. At lunch in Capitola with Sophie's one-time babysitter and our friend, Lalani, Sophie grabbed ahold of the camera:
 Beautiful Lalani
 Nanny "caught" finishing Sophie's quesadilla
 Sophie's eye view

 Oh my, the sun is so bright!
 Then we drove over to auntie Shirley and uncle Lynn's house where the grown ups enjoyed one more bottle of California wine while Sophie had some time to play fortress with her beloved second cousin Chase.
 Quick group picture with cousin Thomas, Chase, Nanny, auntie Megan and Sophie
 Another Sophie shot of the "twitter sisters."
Karen, Shirley, and Denise
 And we made one more stop at the beach. We had it to ourselves and were chasing after the foam that was blowing off the waves. 
 Goodbye Pacific...
 ...until next time.

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