Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beach Date with Ciaran

Today, we enjoyed Ciaran's company while Elly was busy with errands. Since it was another beautiful and sunny day, albeit a tiny bit cooler, we headed back to the beach in Capitola. Our original plan was to  meet Nanny for lunch, but unfortunately, she was not able to escape today. So we bought Togo's sandwiches for a picnic on the beach. Ciaran was a little upset at first that he was not going to eat his sandwich right then and there, but he quickly got over it when he set foot on the warm sand.
 Once at the beach, both only had a few bites. There were more important things to do.
 Did I mention that I love this blue sky?
 ... and the smell of the ocean?
 While Andrew and the kids were checking the water temperature, the girl on the picture was about to have her finger bitten and burrito stolen by a seagull. 
 Then Sophie and I baked cupcakes,...
 ... while Ciaran and Andrew played with a giant frisbee.
 Recharging with a bottle of apple juice (or coffee respectively) at a very cute café in the village. 
 Sophie and Ciaran found some kids' books at the café.
A tired boy on the drive home. And the day was not over yet.

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