Monday, February 20, 2012

Rosenmontag in Düsseldorf (The Day of the Big Parade)

After five days of Carnival celebrations, this was the last time we were getting dressed up to go and see the big parade in Düsseldorf (1 million visitors, 5 tonnes of candy, over 100 floats, 40 bands, and 5.5 kilometers long).
 I found another costume in my sister's costume grab bag. Sophie is dressed up as a princess for a change.
 We went with our next door neighbors, Andrés and his family.
Sandra could not believe how absolutely everyone was in fancy dress on the bus and train. I told her that it is just a normal Monday in Düsseldorf.
 We found a pretty good spot right at the beginning of the parade. Finally a sunny day.
 Despite loud "Helau's" on Sophie's end, the candy collection turned out to be quite meager today. But that was okay: we only have two full bags at home already.
After about 50 minutes Sophie had had enough and we went home to have some ice cream instead.

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