Sunday, February 12, 2012

Helau! - Carnival Parade #1

We took the train up to Geldern today for my mum's birthday. Shortly after we arrived, Berit suggested we check out the Carnival parade in a little village nearby called Kapellen. Even though the big party does not start until Thursday, they stagger the parades out a little bit.
We quickly donned some silly hats and off we went. Too bad Andrew decided not to leave the Lederhosen on.

 Like I said, this is a very small town, so the floats were nothing like the ones in Düsseldorf or Cologne, but still quite cute.
 I always caught the floats from behind because I had to help collect the candy they threw first. Here is a bunch of Elmos and Cookie Monsters.
 So Sophie figured out quickly that the louder you yelled "Helau" the more candy they would throw at you.
 Andrew learned, too. 
We returned with a grocery bag full of candy and two plants. Who would like some? 
 Back at my mum's, Sophie continued digging through the fancy dress box and found the hula skirt.
Must have been an exciting day. Kiss goodbye from Daddy, as he left to go back to work. 

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