Sunday, February 5, 2012

Airventure at Düsseldorf Airport

Found another thing to do every first Sunday of the month: the airport puts on an event for children with arts & crafts, plays, miniature trains, a discount to the viewing platform and free tours of the airport, etc. 

Even though Sophie had caught a little bug and was feeling a bit under the weather this morning, she absolutely insisted on going to the kids event at the airport. It was a nice day, so we gave it a whirl and hopped on the bus after a relaxing morning on the couch. And of course Andrew did not need much persuading.
 Outside on the viewing platform. It was a bit nippy, as Andrew was showing Sophie the ropes (tugs, steering bypass pin, packs, wave-off). Sophie was nodding politely, until suddenly she felt just too cold.
 Especially for all of you who had seen the 'youtube' video on bumpy landings in Düsseldorf recently - we do have nice days here.
 That's the type of airplane we flew in on from San Francisco in September (A 330).
 Back inside, in the dress-up section, i.e. Sophie heaven.
Spotted a creepy guy in the children's corner
 Crafting a mask for the carnival costume. (There is that creepy guy again!)
 Topping off the afternoon with a train ride through the shopping arcades.

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