Monday, December 12, 2011

Visiting Gütersloh Again

Since we are so relatively close now, we arranged another trip to visit my sister Anke and her sons in Gütersloh for a couple of days again. Unfortunately we seem to be attracting the rain there, so that most of the time was spent with indoor activities. 
 As soon as we arrived on Monday, we headed with Kiron and Anke to his gym class, where they had a Nikolaus party for the kids with lots of cookies and other goodies.
One of Sophie's favorite things to do was going on this giant swing.
 Running off the sugar high.
 Action shot!
 Singing about the Christmas bakery (Kiron, Anke, and Sophie)
 Baking Christmas cookies. Anke had found letter stamps to mark the cookies with. 
 But about twenty minutes into it, the attention span started to be stretched.

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