Saturday, December 3, 2011

Meeting Nikolaus at Mama's Castle

My hometown Bad (yeah, not so bad) Bentheim hosts a Christmas market with a twist. Some stands offer some gambling: you throw the dice to win some prizes such as sausage, bread etc. I always used to go as a very small kid, but haven't made it to this Christmas market in probably 25 years. It was about time to take Sophie and check it out.
 Sophie was very vocal about letting everyone in Bentheim know that this was her Mama's castle. Yes, we did get the stare. Of course!
 The rain stopped just in time for St. Nikolaus' visit. My uncle Gerrit and his girlfriend Gerdi had joined us for the occasion. We ended up spending a fun weekend at their house.
 Can you catch a glimpse of the man with the red hat? He was also throwing candy, but we did not stand a chance against the people in front of us holding open their umbrellas.
 As perhaps seen on a previous shot during nicer weather, there is a statue of Bismarck in the city center because he had once paid Bentheim a visit. He has a nice pith helmet, which has already been the subject of some Andrew jokes.
 Someone found yet another good use for the pith helmet. 
After some tears and crying, Sophie managed to conquer a spot on the tiny carousel. 
Sophie had a better view of St. Nikolaus from Gerrit's arms.

Sophie devouring her bratwurst drowned in mustard. 

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