Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Caroling in Kindergarten

It was Sophie's last day of preschool before a one week break over the holidays. The children had invited the parents to come for the last half hour to listen to some Christmas carols.
"In der Weihnachtsbaeckerei" (At the Christmas Bakery) - I love how the chorus was always very loud (so much that the teacher sometimes had to tell the kiddos not to shout), then the verses started out fairly strong and petered out towards the end where the memorization was not that strong. 
By now this tune has been burned into our brains. Sophie sings it daily thinking of ever new verses to it, some of which have nothing to do with Christmas. 
 After the singing, there was lots of dancing to "Feliz Navidad." We felt like we were back in California.
 The boys were literally fighting over Sophie.
I managed to negotiate one dance, while the boys were waiting for her.

My camera is temporarily out of order, which leaves me with my phone camera. Sorry about the quality.

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