Tuesday, December 6, 2011


After St. Martin, another new holiday for Sophie to celebrate: St. Nikolaus. Or "Funiculus" as Sophie called him for a short while. Sophie has been somewhat confused about the difference between St. Nikolaus (who comes on 6 December) and Santa Claus. I told her that Santa Claus is St. Nick's fat brother. I'm not sure that she was buying it. 
 We started out baking some cookies for Nikolaus (and for us).
 We set out plate for Nikolaus and his horse (the other difference between the two of them is the mode of transportation they use: horse & carriage as opposed to reindeer & sleigh). We had a slice of bread and carrot soup (as we had run out of plain carrots) for the horse and a cookie and a glass of wine for Nikolaus. ;-)
 Sophie hung up her stocking by the door and stuck a picture for Nikolaus in it, hoping it would produce more presents. Then it was off to bed. Note to self: next year I will not tell her that Nikolaus will check on her in her room when he comes at night. Tonight she wanted to make sure that her door was shut tight!
The next morning, Sophie immediately checked the stocking. Nikolaus had indeed been there and left a snow globe for her. What a cool holiday!

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