Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Now I'm Four!

When I woke up Sophie this morning and told her that it finally was her birthday today, she said: "Now I'm four. Just like Lina. Lina is my best friend." - Lina is the neighbor girl two doors down, with whom Sophie had played once so far. Life seems so much simpler for kids.

We had a big day ahead of us!
 This is what a four-year old looks like.
 One present before preschool.
Then it's off to celebrate there. The birthday girl was greeted appropriately. While she treated her classmates to muffins, Sophie got to wear a crown with the number 4. 
 Back at home, wearing her new outfit from Granddad and Debra, a few presents were waiting for her. Oma and Berit had come the evening before to join the party and help prepare. I would have been lost without them! Sophie received a Princess Lillifee bike helmet, a Snow White barbie and a sled from Oma. Mind you, Sophie had probably never seen a live sled before, but she immediately exclaimed: "I did not wish for that!" It took some explaining that it might still snow and how much fun a sled could be then.
 While Sophie was busy undressing her Snow White barbie, the rest of us were in the kitchen drinking champagne (and doing some baking and cooking). I have to say it was quite tasty (not just the bubblies). I also made brownies for the first time - believe it or not - from scratch. 
 I'm impressed how many neighbor kids about the same age as Sophie came after less than two months of us living here. I think there will be no lack of playmates for her. 
 Sophie's birthday brownies cake. 

 The kiddos played very well together. Still no need for having to entertain them with games.
 It was quite a multi-national crowd again.
 California Princess
 Last but not least: one round of dress up with her new best friend Lina.
The aftermath.
Cheers and good night!

...and for her fifth birthday she wants a raised bed with a slide. Arrgh!

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