Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Granddad Visiting - Day Trip to Cologne

Granddad and Debra hopped on a quick flight to come and visit and see our new place for a few days. Sophie very much enjoyed the extra attention - and extra rations of chocolate, cake, and ice cream. The weather was not in our favor. There was even a big thunderstorm one morning with hail and rain blowing sideways on the way to preschool. Luckily we had rented a car for the visit. We still managed to show our guests a little bit of the area we now live in, including the ice cream parlor next door. 

On one of the days we headed to Cologne, only a thirty minute drive from us. It stayed mostly dry for our excursion.
 Our first stop was of course the massive Cologne Cathedral. Inside, Sophie was full of questions:
"Why do people go to church?" "Why are we here?" - to look at the artwork; take a look at the beautiful windows. "Oh yeah, there's a princess! And a dead man. Mama, why is he dead?" (Jesus being taken from the cross). Then she continued on with Daddy and Granddad and could not believe how many dead people were there and why. 
 OK, time to do some shopping now. 
 Important stop at one of the many cafés to refuel with chocolate cake and a warm drink. Sophie loves Granddad's sweet tooth!
 Not too much later, time for something savory and a Koelsch for Mama and Daddy. Granddad and Debra were almost kicked out of the brewery (Malzmühle) for ordering coffee and tea!
Walking off the pounds in the alleys of the Altstadt. 

It was nice having Granddad and Debra here - please come visit again soon. 

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