Sunday, January 29, 2012

Düsseldorf Boat Show

Another Sunday trying to find something fun to do. Since having worked for Messe Düsseldorf more than ten years ago now, I have been wanting to visit their boat show just once. People have told me how impressive it is to see the superyachts being hauled in to the exhibit halls. This year,  I had a chance to see it for myself. I knew Andrew would not object to scouting out our future yacht. We strung Sophie along on stories of the fabled kids area which in the end turned out to be rather mediocre. In fact, Sophie was far more interested in giving us her opinions on which boat we should purchase; preferably one with three bedrooms, one of which would be hers, one of which would be ours, and one for guests. She also liked big kitchens, bathrooms with showers, and flatscreen TVs. 

At this point I was ordered to remove a particularly unflattering picture of Andrew.
 Not wasting any time - straight to the superyachts.
 For some boats, one needed an appointment or invitation. We had neither. Their loss.
 One of Sophie's choices (her shot). It was actually quite reasonably priced.
 No expense spared on this exhibit - even carted in some real sand.
 Nice little boat, inspected by Sophie.
 The police boat.
 So much for the kids area.
 Canoe test track.
 A definite favorite, along with the waterslide paddle boat next to it.
The magic of 3D glasses - making everyone look like an idiot.

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