Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Before we were all going to spend a few hours sitting down in cars or on trains to travel back to our respective homes, the whole bunch donned our hiking boots and marched towards the woods. The forest around Bentheim covers a large area and is quite famous in the region. There is also an old sandstone quarry where we walked. The royal palace in Amsterdam was built with Bentheim sandstone for example.
My old stomping ground - and my brother's
The two city slicker girls (and Stefan) swatting the flies in disgust
So who lives here? A princess? A witch? An animal? Rumpelstilzchen?
It looks so much like our old climbing area in Southern Illinois.
The most interesting engraving we encountered on our walk.
Not sure if we were able to convince Talea and Sophie that this trek was enjoyable, but at least the giant snail we discovered on the path evoked a couple of oohs and aahs. 

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