Thursday, May 31, 2012

Farmer Palmer's

During our last visit in Bournemouth two years ago, we made an excursion to a kids' farm, called Farmer Palmer's, teeming with cute animals and fun attractions. Of course this place was a must on our Bournemouth-to-do-list this time as well. We arranged to meet up with Andrew's cousin Holly and her adorable 11-month old daughter Scarlett.

 One of the funniest-looking animals there. He was in with the ducklings and seemed so desperate to get out. 
 Auntie Sandra posing with the two beauties watching the ponies being groomed.
 Sophie seemingly enjoyed taking care of baby Scarlett. It was so cute watching the two of them play.
 Sophie showing Scarlett how to get the most out of a bouncing cow-castle.
 Together on the tractor ride. 
 Look: sunshine in England!
 So, who let the goats out?
Flashback: two years prior.
 Sophie loved petting the guinea pig.
 The farmer and his entourage.
Enough excitement for a day.

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