Friday, November 9, 2012

Saint Martin

In case you ever wondered who Saint Martin was. According to legend, he was a knight a long time ago who shared all of his food with poor people. When he had no more food left to share, he came across another cold poor person in rags. He then divided his cape with his sword and gave one half to the poor person to keep him warm. 
This act of sharing is celebrated every year in Germany in November. It is also the German festival of lanterns to light up this dreary season a little. There are numerous lantern parades, some with bands, all over the towns. Sometimes the kids will go sing from house to house to collect candy. 
The celebrations started for Sophie at her preschool with a little sing-along and role play. How very special for her: Sophie was chosen to play the poor man this year. She was so proud of having a big part in the play. I had to shorten the video a bit.

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